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 +====== 2x4 Truck Bed Bicycle Rack ======
 +I built a very simple but effective bicycle rack out of a single 2x4 board.  ​
 +{{ ::​bike_rack_1.jpg?​400 |}}
 +===== What You'll Need =====
 +  - A 2x4 pine board ($2.50)
 +  - A 2" to 3" paddle bit
 +  - A Hand Drill or Drill Press
 +  - Two 3" C-Clamps ($10)
 +  - Velcro straps or rope for each bicycle
 +===== Instructions =====
 +I purchased a standard pine 2x4, typically used for studs, for about $2.50 from my local hardware store. ​ I drilled 4 2.5" holes in the board with a paddle bit and then cut to the edges of those holes.
 +===== C-Clamps =====
 +Since I already had tools, the most expensive part of mine ended up being the 3" C-Clamps I needed to hold the rack into the truck bed.  Since I built this, however, I've realized that those might not have been necessary.
 +First, it would have been a good idea to put a small piece of 1x2 under the rail on the truck. ​ A second piece of 1x2 could be set next to that with a small gap (again for the truck rail). ​ Finally, a small piece of metal could be lag screwed to the top.  A thick metal piece for attacking 2x4's together would probably work.  Here's a diagram showing what it might look like.
 +{{ ::​clamp_replacement.jpg |}}
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