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 +====== Auto Mechanics ======
 +Over the last few years I've done a little of my own mechanic work on my cars. I'm actually starting to enjoy the work and consider it a hobby.
 +[[2001 Saturn SL2 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Problems]]\\
 +I had a problem with the tensioner on my 2001 Saturn SL2.  It was making a very loud tapping noise. ​ Ultimately I had to do a little back-yard engineering to solve the problem.
 +[[Removing the Power Brake Booster Pedal Clip]]\\
 +There'​s a small clip on the brake pedal pin that you must remove when you replace the Power Brake Booster or the Brake Switch. Here's some info about removing that clip.
 +[[Chinese Scooter]]\\
 +Thought I'd start to create a //table of contents// page that points to various resources around the web about Chinese manufactured motor scooters.
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