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 +====== Carbs Web App ======
 +{{carbs_scr.jpg |}}
 +**About Carbs**
 +Quickly track the number of carbs you’ve eaten today. Fast with no frills, logs what you eat without getting in the way. Integrated Google search box helps you find calories for specific foods when you’re not sure. No login required.
 +Designed for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, LG Dare, and more.
 +function popper() { 
 + ​window.open('​http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​carbs/','​AppTemplate','​menubar=no,​width=320,​height=408,​toolbar=no,​scrollbars=yes'​);​
 + ​return false; ​
 +<a href="​http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​carbs/"​ class="​urlextern"​ onclick="​return popper();">​Open Desktop Version</​a>​
 +[[http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​carbs/​|Open Mobile Version]]
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