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Caustic Instruments

Here are some notes about instruments I like to use in Caustic.


For a nice distorted guitar sound I use the PCMSynth with the Dist Guitar preset.


One of my favorite sounds is the Boss OC-3 Guitar pedal. I don't reproduce the sound of that pedal very well but you can create a similar thick sound by adding a second PCMSynth with the Dist Guitar preset and then reduce the octave knob in the pitch section by one octave. Play the same notes as the guitar machine to get a thicker sound from the two playing together.

There *might* be an easier way to do this that I just haven't discovered yet but there is no “octaver” pedal in Caustic.

Deep Bass

I like the deep bass I get from using the FMSynth with the PH E Bass preset. I got some pointers from other posters in a thread in the Caustic forum and did the following to get an even deeper bass sound.

- Started with an FMSynth with the PH E Bass preset. - I went to the effects module and added a Multi-Filter. - I set the filter type to Low Shelf (the default). - I swept the Freq knob just above the lowest setting. - I set the Reso to zero. - I boosted the gain to taste.


I'm not entirely happy with it but my favorite built in piano sound, so far, is an FMSynth with the PH EPiano preset.

Better than that is the free add-on created by AudioVapor. You can find that in the Google Play store at the URL below.

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