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 +====== Data URL ======
 +This is a PHP script that will load the specified HTML document and convert it to a data URL. It's Useful for generating off-line web apps, especially for the iPhone. It makes 3 passes which do the following.
 +  - Convert JavaScript to data: URL's
 +  - Convert Images to data: URL's
 +  - Convert the whole document to a data: URL
 +It does not currently convert linked CSS but adding that should be trivial.
 +{{:​data.zip|Download (data.zip)}}
 +===== img2data =====
 +This is a modified version of the code which converts only url's in <img> tags into data.  This base_64 encodes the binary image data and embeds that data into the HTML file itself. ​ Here's how you use it.
 +  img2data.php index.html > combined.html
 +  ​
 +That command reads //​index.html//,​ parses all of the included images, and stores the result in //​combined.html//​.
 +{{:​img2data.zip|Download (image2data.zip)}}
 +===== License =====
 +This source code is distributed under the [[MIT License]].
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