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 +====== Digital Finger Paintings ======
 +Here is a picture I painted by finger on the iPhone. ​ I used the Brushes app.  Hopefully I can do a little more of this.
 +===== Sunset from the Train =====
 +This is a picture of a sunset over the Wasatch Mountains. ​ I painted this looking at the sight through the window of a Front Runner train. ​ It took about 40 minutes.
 +{{ pic-sunset-painting.jpg?​400 }}
 +===== The Troll =====
 +This is my vision of a troll that my son described to me from the first Fabelhaven book.  I found a couple reference images, based on his description,​ and painted this.  The outline and shading is inspired by some of Tim Burton'​s work.  This image is not nearly as detailed as I imagined it should be, but I wanted a quick sketch that resembled Tim Burton'​s watercolor work and I had limited time.  I may make a copy and create a more detailed version in the future.
 +{{ troll.png?​267x400 }}
 +I was browsing around my site during a meeting at work one day and several of my co-workers saw this image. ​ Don't ask me why, but they wanted to blow the image up (probably to make fun of me).  Because the original is only 320x480 (made on an iPhone 3) I decided to trace it using the [[http://​vectormagic.com|Vector Magic]] website.
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