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 +====== Firearm Barter Agreement ======
 +I found myself in a position where I was going to trade my handgun for another gentlemen'​s handgun. ​ I couldn'​t find a firearm bill of sale or buy/sell agreement that worked for a firearm for firearm exchange like the one I was about to participate in.  Private party firearm sales are legal in Utah.  I hacked together an agreement based on other documents I found around the web.  No document is actually required here, but if a firearm registered to me is ever used in a crime, I'd like documentation about who I exchanged it with.  The document below is what I came up with.  You can download a copy here in PDF or Open Document format.
 +I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
 +{{ :​firearm_barter_screenshot.png?​400 |}}
 +{{::​firearm_barter.pdf|Firearm Barter Agreement PDF}}\\
 +{{:​firearm_barter.odg|Firearm Barter Agreement ODG}}
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