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 +====== Free Stock Photo Search ======
 +  (function() {
 +    var cx = '​010100107248730211066:​qrsjjwvrsy0';​
 +    var gcse = document.createElement('​script'​);​
 +    gcse.type = '​text/​javascript';​
 +    gcse.async = true;
 +    gcse.src = (document.location.protocol == '​https:'​ ? '​https:'​ : '​http:'​) +
 +        '//​www.google.com/​cse/​cse.js?​cx='​ + cx;
 +    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('​script'​)[0];​
 +    s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse,​ s);
 +  })();
 +I often find myself in need of a quick stock image. I've found several resources online that allow you to use their images for free. In some cases, you need to credit the artist. Make sure you read the specific site or image terms.
 +I've created a custom Google search that will help you find free stock art, stock photos, photography,​ and images. ​ It currently searches the following sites.
 +Here are some other sites you might find useful for similar images, but which are not included in the search engine above.
 +[[http://​commons.wikimedia.org/​|Wikimedia Commons]]
 +Know of other useful and completely free stock image sites? Please [[contact me]] and let me know.
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