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 +===== Hasp Driver Windows 7 =====
 +To install the Hasp driver for Windows 7 you need the [[http://​www.emnetsoftware2.co.uk/​downloads/​HASP/​HASPUserSetup.exe|Hasp Dongle Driver]]. You'll want the [[http://​www.emnetsoftware2.co.uk/​Support/​3DEmbroideryVistaDongleUpdate.exe|Vista Dongle Patch]] if you're installing 3D Embroidery. Yes, you want the //Vista// version even for //Windows 7//.
 +If you're installing the Husqvarna 3D Embroidery software under Windows 7, check out my  full [[installing_husqavarna_3d_embroidery_on_windows_vista]] page.

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