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 +====== How to Cheat at Wild West Pinball ======
 +===== Background =====
 +There are some rediculously high scores in the iPhone game Wild West Pinball. Because those scores couldn'​t possibly be real, I set out to find out how people were cheating. I was surprised to find that very little information about the cheating was around. Eventually I came across a thread that said it had something to do with pausing the game. So, I started pausing the game at various points and eventually stumbled on a bug that will let you get a ridiculous score.
 +===== The Cheats =====
 +This is not the only way to cheat at the game.  In fact, later versions have fixed some of the bugs I used to cheat. But here are some instructions that would run up your score in older versions. ​ By publishing these cheats, maybe you will be inspired to find some cheats of your own that work in current versions.
 +==== Instructions ====
 +  - Bounce the ball through the mine and onto the tracks.
 +  - Quickly pause the game while you are on the tracks.
 +  - Now bump the board (notice it move even though it's paused).
 +  - Keep bumping about 50 times.
 +  - Now un-pause the game.
 +The board should flash, go black, or otherwise exhibit odd behavior. One of those odd behaviors is the score running up and up. It will continue to do so until you hit the tracks again.
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