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 +====== Husqvarna .HUS Files Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader ======
 +Owners of Husqvarna Embroidery machines will want their .HUS files to open in something like the 3D Embroidery software. For some reason, I've seen Adobe Acrobat Reader associated with .HUS files on Microsoft Windows.
 +If your .HUS files will not open with the 3D Embroidery software, here's how to fix your file associations.
 +  - Right click the .HUS file.
 +  - Choose //Open With//.
 +  - Check the box to always open files with this type.
 +  - Browse to C:​\3DEmbroidery and select Embroidery.exe.
 +  - Open it.
 +The .HUS file should now open in 3D Embroidery. In the future, double-clicking on these files should open them correctly.
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