Installing Husqvarna 3D Embroidering on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10

I've spent a few hours trying to get the 3D Husqvarna Embroidering system installed under Windows. It took a lot of wrestling but here's how I got it to work. Hopefully, with these instructions, you'll find it much easier than I did.

I've now tried this myself on lots of machines and had quite a few reports of success from users. These instructions work under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. I've gotten reports from “Home Edition”, “32-bit”, and “64-bit” users. Chances are good that it will work for you in any version of Windows.

Contrary to the original instructions, you should connect the dongle to the computer before following these steps. If you already have the software installed, it's a good idea to uninstall everything first.

Installation Steps

  1. Install your 3D Embroidery CD
  2. Install the Vista Dongle Patch
  3. Install the latest Hasp Dongle Driver

Step 1 - Install your 3D Embroidery CD

In my case we had the 3D Embroidery 7.0 CD. First, I installed that.

Step 2 - Install the 3D Embroidery 7.25 Upgrade

In order to get to the latest version, I downloaded and installed the 3D Embroidery 7.25 Upgrade (above).

In case that link goes bad, I found the upgrade by visiting the Husqvarna Downloads Page then clicking the 3D Embroidery System link.

Step 3 - Install the Vista Dongle Patch

In order for the program to work under Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 you'll need to install the Windows Vista Dongle Patch (above).

If that link stops working, I originally found that file on the Husqvarna Downloads Page, but the link on the official page is currently broken. So, use the first link in this paragraph.

When you execute this download it will extract a haspms32.dll file and overwrite your old one (typically in the C:\3dEmbroidery directory). Once that is extracted, this step is complete.

Thanks to Wanda White from Fatbabys Fashions for contacting Husqvarna and getting the correct link to the Vista Dongle Patch.

Step 4 - Install the latest Hasp Dongle Driver

Finally, when staring Embroidery 3D I would get an error of Hasp Driver Not Found or Hasp Driver Not Installed (I don't recall which). To solve that problem I installed the latest version of the Hasp Dongle Driver (above), which I found on the Husqvarna Other Useful Software page.

If it Doesn't Work

If the process doesn't work, you still have a few more options.

  1. Install an old copy of Windows in a virtual machine like VirtualBox
  2. Restore the computer to factory defaults and start from scratch

USB Reader/Writer

If you have a USB Reader/Writer, please let me know if it's working in the comments below. I've had a lot of reports from people that the software works but they're unable to get the USB Reader/Writer to work. The one I worked on interfaced with the Parallel Port and worked fine. I don't have a USB Reader/Writer to experiment with though.

Lost Registration Codes

If you've lost your license key, you'll be unable to install the original software. Unfortunately, I can't provide a license key for you and you probably won't find one online. There is hope, however.

If you've lost the registration code, and you previously registered the software with Husqvarna, you can retrieve it from the VSM Software Product Registration Database. Click the first link on that page.

Thanks to David for providing that link.

Other Useful Links

Archive of Old Links

I've recently updated the links on this page. In case they change again, I'm keeping track of the old links below. You never know.

Husqvarna Downloads Page

Windows Vista Dongle Patch

Windows Vista Dongle Patch

(the original links have broken twice but the domain has just changed from to to

Husqvarna Downloads Page (

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