iPhone App Wanted - GPS Marked Searches

So, I just got a new iPhone, and I'm scared to death that it will be lost or stolen. I've protected it with a sticker that offers a reward for it's safe return, but I want to do more.

There are not a lot of applications out there for finding your iPhone. I've got an idea for a simple solution.

Note: This is now possible with a web app!  I may do that.

First, if there were a way to access the GPS on the device through JavaScript, I would be there. I would hack together a website that includes a Google search box and some JavaScript that logs the location of the phone every time I search. Then, I'd bookmark that search page and replace the “Safari” link at the bottom with my new bookmark. Everytime someone opens the browser, my web app is logging the location of my iPhone. If it's stolen, the person who stole it is probably going to jump on the web. When they do, I've got em…

So far, it doesn't look like there is any way to access the GPS via JavaScript. So, someone would need to build a front-end app that does this instead. I can't do this, because I don't have a Mac and will probably never buy one.

Any takers?

I did eventually create this webapp. Problem is, web app asks you if you want to share your location data. It asks the first time, then somewhat randomly. It doesn't “remember” my selection.

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