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 +====== Lexar Jump Drive Firefly USB Flash Drive Review ======
 +Over the last few years I've had 4 or 5 different USB flash drives. ​ But, the //Lexar Jump Drive Firefly// has proven to be a favorite product.
 +Most of the USB flash drives on the market connect to your key ring directly and have a cap that pulls off.  The Firefly has a cap that is attached to your keys and the flash drive pulls out of the cap. This design choice is what I like most about the Firefly. ​ It's also the reason I almost passed up the drive when I saw it in the store. ​ At first this sounds like a negative, after all, you don't want to loose the drive. ​ But the cap on the Jump Drive Firefly is well designed and fits tightly even after months of abuse and hundreds of uses.
 +There are two things I like about this design. ​ First, when you connect the drive to your computer your keys are not dangling from the USB port.  I imagine the constant pressure of your keys could damage the drive or the USB port on your computer. ​ Plus, if you forget the drive, you also forget your keys.  Since I ride commuter rail 30 miles, I'd rather not get home without my keys.  When I do drive, I'm in the habit of dropping my keys on the desk so that I can't leave without it.
 +Second, even though the cap is well designed, I'm more inclined to backup my data just in case something does snag the drive and rip it off of my keyring some day.
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