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 +====== Grep Recursively Through Single File Extension ======
 +You can use the following //grep// command to search through a directory, recursively,​ but only looking at a specific file pattern.
 +  grep -r --include=<​pattern>​ <​string>​ <​directory>​
 +Here is an example that searches recursively starting at /home/joel/ and including only php files.
 +  grep -r --include="​*.php"​ "​public auction"​ ./
 +Other options you might want to add to the command:
 +| -i | Case insensitive match. |
 +| -c | Count of matches; suppressing normal output. ​ One line per file match. |
 +| -o | Show only the part of a matching line that matches. |
 +Here's another example with the -r, -i and -o options all added.
 +  grep -rio --include="​*.php"​ "​public auction"​ ./
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