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 +====== Installing the O2Micro OZ711MX (OZ711M1) Driver ======
 +The 02Micro OZ711MX is the chipset for the SD Card Slot on my Averatec 5500 laptop. This is one of the few things on this laptop that I've been unable to get to work under Linux. ​ But, it looks like some people were able to get it working. ​ I was able to compile the drivers, but they never worked for me.
 +This driver was hard to locate. I found the driver in a link at the URL below. ​ It's been a long time, but I think that I applied the patches that they suggest.
 +Here are instructions on how to compile the driver.
 +  - Download and extract the driver.
 +  - Run //​./​configure-release//​.
 +  - Run ///​sbin/​modprobe ozsrclx//.
 +If that doesn'​t work, you could always grab a USB reader from BettyMills.
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