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 +====== Installing xvidcap Under Ubuntu ======
 +xvidcap is an open source tool that records a video of your actions on screen.
 +When I installed the Ubuntu package for xvidcap, it would just seg-fault and close when I tried to record. ​ So, I installed from source.
 +Before I get into it, however, I should mention that xvidcap never really worked perfectly for me.  It was quite buggy in my setup. ​ I tried recordMyDesktop and gtk-recordMyDesktop instead and would recommend you try that unless you have a specific need for xvidcap.
 +===== Prerequisites =====
 +Before you can compile xvidcap, you'll need to install three other Ubuntu packages.
 +  * libglade2-dev
 +  * libxmu-dev
 +  * gettext
 +Here is the command line to install those.
 +  sudo apt-get install libglade2-dev libxmu-dev gettext
 +===== Compiling xvidcap =====
 +Download the latest version of xvidcap from http://​​projects/​xvidcap. ​ Then, do the following.
 +  ./configure
 +  make
 +  sudo make install
 +That's it, you should now be able to run xvidcap from the //​Applications//,​ //Sound and Video// menu.
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