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 +====== Keyboard Macro'​s with xvkbd ======
 +You can use xvkbd to run keyboard macro'​s. ​ For example, the following command.
 +  sleep 3; xvkbd -text "​Hello\[Enter]World"​
 +This will wait 3 seconds then type "​Hello"​ then press the [Enter] key, then type "​World"​.
 +===== Macro Trick =====
 +To make a temporary macro that you can execute with a keystroke, you might create a file called "​macro.tmp"​ in your home directory.
 +Now, assign the following command to a keystroke in your environment. ​
 +  xvkbd -text "`cat ~/​macro.tmp`"​
 +Now, to create a macro, just edit the macro.tmp file.  To launch it, just press the key combination you've assigned to the command above. ​ Poof, instant macro.
 +====== Related Products ======
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