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 +====== Low/Missing Screen Resolutions in Ubuntu with NVIDIA Driver ======
 +<box 100% round>
 +This didn't work for me.  You're mileage may vary.
 +Often screen resolutions on offer are far lower than those offered with the open source driver. The NVIDIA binary driver seems to be very weak at reliably probing this information from the monitor and relies on additional information in xorg.conf.
 +To fix this you can add more resolutions by entering the following in a terminal:
 +xrandr --addmode <​name>​ ...
 +Replace <​name>​ with the name of the display device (as listed when you just run xrandr) and the dots with the desired resolution. For further details and potential workarounds see X config resolutions on the original site.
 +===== References =====
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