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 +====== 13" MacBook Pro (7,1) ======
 +I have a 13" MacBook Pro (7,​1). ​ You can find out which MacBook you have by running the following command under Ubuntu.
 +  sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
 +===== Ubuntu Documentation =====
 +If you have the MacBook Pro 7,1 you'll also want to look at the [[https://​help.ubuntu.com/​community/​MacBookPro7-1/​Oneiric|official Ubuntu documentation]] for the Macbook pro.
 +===== Video =====
 +This MacBook has an nVidia GeForce 320M GPU.  You can install the latest version of the nVidia driver under Ubunto 11.10 Oneiric using the following commands.
 +sudo apt-add-repository ppa:​ubuntu-x-swat/​x-updates
 +sudo apt-get update
 +sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
 +This adds the ubuntu-x-swap PPA and installs the newest version from there.
 +<box 100% round>
 +Note: I also installed the NVIDIA drivers from the binary package provided by NVIDIA directly. ​ They work about the same and didn't solve dual monitor resolution problems that I have (with some displays in conference rooms, for example).
 +I cannot boot kernels after 3.0.13 using this method. ​ ActionParsnip on the #ubuntu IRC channel suggested that I uninstall nvidia-current and remove this unsupported PPA.  Then boot the new kernel and install the supported one.  I may try that and then reinstall everything if it doesn'​t work.  It's probably time for a clean install anyway.
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