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 +====== Removing Pulse Audio from Ubuntu 8.10 (Ibex) ======
 +The following information was copied from the Ubuntu Forums at the URL below. ​ I've copied it here for my own reference and to ensure the resource doesn'​t "go away"​. ​ I edited it slightly for readability in this wiki.
 +I removed pulse audio because it would often just stop playing audio. ​ Sometimes I could fix it by killing the pulseaudio processes, sometimes not.  I lived with these problems for months, then I decided to remove it.  I'm glad I did.
 +===== Original Authors Words =====
 +First things First. Remove the packages though Bash.
 +  sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
 +  sudo apt-get install esound
 +You may want to back this up.
 +  sudo rm /​etc/​X11/​Xsession.d/​70pulseaudio
 +Now this is done you will want check your Gnome Preferences.
 +Under System -> Preferences -> Sound
 +Make sure they are all set to '​Autodetect'​.
 +The only one you will have to set manually to ALSA is 'Sound Capture'​ under 'Audio Conferencing'​.
 +Note at this point Pulseaudio is now nolonger an option under these drop menus.
 +Under System -> Preferences -> Sessions
 +Deselected or Remove the Pulseaudio Manager
 +The last part is one I think a lot of people have missed. Your asoundrc'​s under your Home Directory are still configured for Pulse.
 +  cd ~
 +  rm .asound* (Again! You may want to back this up)
 +One this is done your back to ALSA's default configuration.
 +This worked a charm for me and found all my software picked up Dmix and Dsnoop.
 +I hope it does wonders for you.. Good Luck.
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