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 +====== LiveFoto ======
 +{{ cast300.png}}
 +Upload photo'​s,​ slides, or screen shots and have them displayed on your website in real time. Conduct live slide shows or presentations to an unlimited number of viewers.
 +Upload your images any way you prefer (e.g. FTP or SFTP) and they will be displayed instantly to your viewers.
 +To install, just unzip the file into a directory on your web server. ​ To display a new image to your viewers, simply upload your image to the "​slides"​ directory under that.
 +Use a screen shot program such as [[http://​www.spgrab.com/​|SPGrab]] for Windows, [[http://​tinygrab.com|Tiny Grab]] for Mac, or [[http://​shutter-project.org|Shutter]] for Linux to snap screenshots and upload them to your website.
 +LiveFoto was written in HTML, JavaScript, and PHP using AJAX for live updates. ​ It's free and is distributed under the open source MIT license.
 +[[http://​www.joeldare.com/​files/​cast04.zip|Download Version 0.4]]
 +[[http://​www.joeldare.com/​cast/​|LiveFoto Example]]
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