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 +====== Micro Journal Web and Mobile App ======
 +A quick app for writing journal entries. ​ Defaults to just 250 characters. ​ Twitter / Facebook like.
 +I'd like to keep a journal. ​ I typically have good intentions of doing so, but I'll do it for a while and then give up because I don't have enough time.  I can post tiny bits of information about my lift in a micro journal, however, and that might work for me.  Much like Twitter and Facebook don't take a lot of time to write on.
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 +===== Marketing =====
 +Marketing to take on a religious slant. ​ Many religious institutions suggest journaling. ​ Maybe design a "​lesson"​ for using the system that someone could teach in a class.
 +===== Profit =====
 +Google ad space, corner pull ad, advanced version, printed material.
 +===== Feedback =====
 +What do you think? Rate the idea above, chime in via [[http://​www.twitter.com/​joeldare|Twitter]] or [[:Contact Me]].
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