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 +====== Philosophy ======
 +**[[philosophy:​Count Calories Lose Weight]]**\\
 +Count calories and lose weight. ​ My story of realization and weight loss.
 +**[[The Innovations of My Time]]**\\
 +Some historical information about innovations that have occurred during my adult lifetime (1995+).
 +**[[philosophy:​Goals X3]]**\\
 +A simple idea on breaking a particular goal, such as weight loss, down into 3 tiny parts.
 +**[[philosophy:​Project Breakdown X3]]**\\
 +A simple idea on breaking a project down into 3 smaller parts, recursively,​ until each part is easy to accomplish.
 +**[[philosophy:​Planner Templates]]**\\
 +A set of templates designed to fit on 8.5x11 paper, folded or cut in half.  They work well in a standard 3-hole planner and can be printed on any printer.
 +**[[philosophy:​Index Card Templates]]**\\
 +A set of templates designed for printing on blank index cards.
 +**[[philosophy:​Organize Your Office, Cut the FAT]]**\\
 +A simple, easy to remember and effective way to clear your office space of clutter.
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