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 +===== Prepaid Phone as Motorcycle Camera =====
 +==== Advantages ====
 +  - Inexpensive
 +  - Always on Wifi built in
 +  - Backup photos automatically
 +==== Phones ====
 +Cheap pre-paid camera phone using Android. I picked the Moto E. It's running an older version of Android but it works just fine. I only plan to mount it on the motorcycle and use it for photos.
 +The available camera'​s are likely to change fairly quickly. If you buy a cheap camera, under $50, you can expect to get something a couple generations old running a couple generations older Android OS.
 +==== Apps ====
 +I used "24/7 Time Lapse Light" for time lapse. It can take a picture a second. Used 8% of my battery in 43 minutes taking 1920x1080 pictures every 5 seconds and used 358.64MB of storage space.
 +==== Storage Space Per Hour ====
 +2GB taking 1 picture per second or 400 MB taking a picture every 5 seconds.
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