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 ==== Google Chrome Extension == ==== Google Chrome Extension ==
-The easiest and safest tool to use is my [[https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​kahkfpeemmmjcbkffjmebbgkdmjglobi|Magis extension for Google Chrome]]. Gain new followers ​and likes on InstagramMagis reminds you to be active and provides keyboard shortcuts to make liking and commenting fast. Set a goal to like and comment on 10 posts an hour to significantly increase your Instagram engagement with just two minutes of work. Build brand awareness. Get more leads. Grow website traffic. +My Social Roller extension is similar ​to the bot below but is expanded ​and enhancedCheck it out in the Google Chrome ​Store.
- +
-[[https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​kahkfpeemmmjcbkffjmebbgkdmjglobi|Magis for Google Chrome]] +
- +
-Magis tries not to break the spirit of Instagram, like the bot does, and the extension is updated frequently preventing problems when Instagram changes their web interface.+
 +[[https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​social-roller/​fajegblpkhjmggbccifgkpkbjkgclgil|Social Roller for Google Chrome]]
 ==== JavaScript Version ==== ==== JavaScript Version ====

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