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-I've been pushing various bits of information out of my head and into this site for years and it's updated frequently. I've been using the free [[http://​​projects/​dokuwiki|Dokuwiki]] program to organize these pages since 2007. I also store a lot of notes and software code on [[https://​​codazoda/​|Github]]. 
-====== Index ====== 
-**[[Software Projects]]**\\ 
-A collection of software projects that I've developed. Includes various software libraries, hosted software, mobile apps, Windows software, etc. 
-Several small books that I've written and self-published. General computer subjects. 
-**[[The Passive Income Experiment]]**\\ 
-My twelve week experiment to deliver value and generate passive income. 
-**[[http://​|MotoTux - Motovlog]]**\\ 
-My weekly motovlog that I post on YouTube. I ride around on a motorcycle talking to myself and filming it all. 
-**[[Photography & Digital Art]]**\\ 
-Several collections of photos, artwork, and digital art. I enjoy photography,​ 3D graphics, pencil drawing, and painting. 
-**[[Technical Documents]]**\\ 
-A collection of technical documents that I've written. Over the years this section has become pretty large. 
-**[[writing:​start|Writing and Publishing]]**\\ 
-Information about writing and publishing your own books. 
-My opinions on various topics that I feel compelled to write about. 
-A few of my philosophical thoughts. Includes goal setting, project management, and weight loss. 
-My head is swarming with ideas for new products, software programs, websites, and businesses. ​ I list many of my ideas here.  Read this and you'll realize just how very crazy I am. 
-**[[Product Reviews]]**\\ 
-My raves about products that I like. 
-**[[Stories & Journal Entries]]**\\ 
-Here are some stories and journal pages describing my interests, hobbies, and life events. 
-**[[Other Interesting Sites]]**\\ 
-Here are a few other websites that I find interesting. 
-**[[Reference Books]]**\\ 
-On this site I talk about a lot of technical topics. ​ I thought I should make some book recommendations based on those interests. 
-I get comments from people all the time. They are the reason I write stuff here on the site. Here are a few of them. 
-**[[About Joel Dare]]**\\ 
-A quick bio, work history, and mug shot. 
-**[[mailto:​|Contact Me]]**\\ 
-If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me. 
-**[[http://​​blog|My Blog]]**\\ 
-I started a blog for some of my comments that fit that format better than this one. 
-**[[Private Areas]]**\\ 
-The information in this section is private and requires special permissions. 
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