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 +====== Things I Hate About Zend Framework ======
 +There are a few things I like about Zend Framework. It tries to make your life easier as a programmer. I constantly trip over it, however, which just makes me feel like an idiot. I've been using it for over a year. Maybe I'm not smart enough to use ZF.  These comments are specifically targeted at ZF1, I don't currently have experience with ZF2.
 +  - It's big and tries to do everything (bloatware).
 +  - It magically auto loads files leaving you to guess about where they loaded from.
 +  - It requires an old version of PHPUnit to be installed.
 +  - A simple controller loads more than 80 individual PHP files.
 +  - It's difficult to upgrade from ZF1 to ZF2.
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