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 +====== Tuckable Deep Concealment ======
 +===== Goals =====
 +It took me a long time to find a holster solution I was happy with.  My current solution meets the following goals.
 +  * Tuckable
 +  * Requires minimal wardrobe changes
 +  * No visible clips or buckles
 +  * Allows a //heavy// handgun
 +  * Fairly inexpensive
 +  * Holds gun firmly in fixed position
 +You can actually wear this setup with //any holster//​. ​ Originally, I didn't think my favourite holsters were tuckable. ​ One day, I was looking at a $200 holster for law enforement and realised that any holster can be made tuckable with this system.
 +===== The System =====
 +The holster system is comprised of the following.
 +  * T-Shirt
 +  * Suspenders
 +  * Fabric Belt
 +First, dress in a T-Shirt. ​ Before you put on your pants, put your favourite holster on your fabric belt and place that on your waist (over your T-Shirt). ​ If you like, support the fabric belt with a pair of suspenders. ​ Finally, dress normally.
 +Here's an illustration of the setup. ​ Excuse the bad graphics; I slapped this together from several photo'​s.
 +{{ perry_under.jpg }}
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