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 +====== Uninstall the Husqvarna 3D Embroidery Software ======
 +These are step by step instructions on how to uninstall the Husqvarna 3D Embroidery software.
 +These steps are not very detailed at this point. I'll add more detail over time.
 +You do most of the uninstall steps from the "​Add/​Remove Programs"​ option in the Windows Control Panel. The exact name varies based on the version of Windows you're running.
 +<box round|Uninstall Steps>
 +  - Uninstall 3D Embroidery
 +  - Uninstall the Vista Dongle Patch
 +  - Uninstall the Hasp Dongle Driver
 +  - Maybe remove "​Unknown Devices"​
 +====== Links ======
 +[[http://​support.microsoft.com/​kb/​314464/​en-us|How to troubleshoot unknown devices in Windows XP]]
 +[[http://​support.microsoft.com/​kb/​244601/​en-us|How to troubleshoot unknown devices in Windows 2000]]
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