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 +====== Using AWK and SED on CSV or TEXT Files ======
 +===== Using AWK to Pull Matching Lines =====
 +You can use AWK to pull a specific set of lines from any text, CSV, html, or XML file.  Use AWK as a substitute for CAT when you need to pull text from one specific line to another specific line.
 +Here's the simple AWK command that you can use.
 +  awk '/My Start String/,/My End String/'​ file.txt
 +That simple command will output the data in file.txt starting with the text "My Start String"​ and ending with the text "My End String"​.
 +===== Using SED to Pull Specific Line Numbers =====
 +You can use SED to pull a specific range of lines, by line number, from any text file.  Here's the simple command.
 +  sed -n <​start>,<​end>​p <​file>​
 +And here is an example.
 +  sed -n 1131,1152p sample.txt
 +  ​
 +That command pulls lines from 1131 to line 1152 from the sample.txt file.
 +====== See Also ======
 +[[Using AWK on CSV Files]]
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