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 +====== Using gedit as a PHP Editor ======
 +This document describes how I've setup gedit as an editor (and really and IDE) for PHP development.
 +As you can see in this screenshot, I've got the syntax for a specific PHP function open in the bottom pane, a file-browser in the left pane, and syntax highlighting. ​ You can't see that I can check the syntax with lint, take snapshots using my [[Clump programming]] method, and more.
 +===== Plugins =====
 +I have the following plugins installed.
 +  * Color Picker
 +  * Document Statistics*
 +  * External Tools
 +  * File Browser Pane
 +  * Insert Date/Time*
 +  * Modelines*
 +  * Session Saver
 +  * Spell Checker*
 +* These ones are not specifically necessary for development.
 +===== External Tools =====
 +==== PHP Lookup ====
 +I've got the following command installed as the "PHP Lookup"​ tool.
 +  xargs -I '​{}'​ phpref '​{}'​
 +This uses my [[plain_text_list_of_php_functions_and_their_arguments#​php_reference_lookup|phpref.php]] script and a list of PHP functions that I stripped from the official documentation. ​ It will pull up the syntax of the currently highlighted word.  It will also pull all the matching functions, so highlighting "​mysql"​ will list all the mysql related functions.
 +I have the hot-key <​CTRL>​-R assigned to this tool.
 +==== Snapshot ====
 +I have the following bash script installed as the "​Snapshot"​ tool.  Take a look at my [[Clump Programming]] page for more information about the system I use to keep track of previous versions.
 +<code bash>
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