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 +====== Using SmartCVS with Kerberos ======
 +//Note: Although I thought this process worked, it didn'​t. ​ The server I was connecting to was incorrectly setup to accept ssh-key'​s,​ so Kerberos was not being used at all.  SmartCVS has it's own SSH client built in, and that client does not support Kerberos.//
 +SmartCVS does not support Kerberos directly. ​ It also doesn'​t support SSH without a password. ​ But, my office CVS server requires Kerberos authentication.
 +What I did, was first setup Kerberos so that I could request a ticket and then make direct ssh connections (running ssh <​host>​). ​ These connections did not require a password because I already had a Kerberos ticket. ​ For some reason, SmartCVS doesn'​t work if I leave the password blank. ​ So, I setup an SSH key on my local machine and then transfered the public key to the server (configuring each as necessary). ​ Next, I setup SmartCVS to use that public key and turned off compression in the default project (File, Preferences). ​ Finally, I checked something out.
 +Everything works great. ​ I just have to remember to request a Kerberos ticket before launching SmartCVS at the start of my day.
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