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-====== Web Projects ====== 
-I'm about to kill almost all of these projects at once, as I transition to a new server platform. Your mileage may vary. 
-<​del>​**BMX Rider**</​del>​\\ 
-My son Ryan's new BMX blog. He's trying to improve his park riding over the next year and we're logging his progress and posting video on this blog. 
-<​del>​**SEO Strategy Forum**</​del>​\\ 
-A web forum to discuss SEO ideas, strategies, and success stories. 
-Learn to master your own website using WordPress. Detailed instructions,​ videos, and tips that help you build your online business. 
-People are often asking me, "How can I build a website"?​ I built ZodaLife to help people do just that. It uses WordPress as a platform to build websites. 
-<​del>​**Calorie Calculator**\\ 
-I'm building a complete website around my daily calorie calculator app for mobile devices. ​ This site includes the app, screen shots, and my weight loss blog.  Check it out!</​del>​ 
-A site about people who live on the streets. ​ Their hopes, their dreams, their struggles, and their successes. ​ I let this domain expire but have moved it to a sub-domain.</​del>​ 
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