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 +====== Weight Loss Calculator; Punch the Numbers, Lose the Weight ======
 +[[http://​www.amazon.com/​dp/​B007BO3ODS|{{ ::​weight_loss_calc.jpg?​150 |}}]]
 +If you want to lose 5 pounds in the next two weeks, get this book.  You'll lose weight and you'll feel great right away.
 +With the book you get my Quick Calories app FREE. It's an app that lets you quickly track the number of calories you’ve eaten today.
 +This book is fast reading, approximately 2,000 words or about 15 minutes.
 +**No Longer Available**
 +<​del>​[[http://​www.amazon.com/​dp/​B007BO3ODS|Buy it on Amazon]]</​del>​

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