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 +====== Whois Web App ======
 +{{whois_scr.jpg |}}
 +**About Whois**
 +Quick and easy domain name lookups on your mobile. ​ Find out if a domain name is available or get information about that domain.
 +Designed for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, LG Dare, and more.
 +function popper() { 
 + ​window.open('​http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​whois/','​AppTemplate','​menubar=no,​width=320,​height=408,​toolbar=no,​scrollbars=yes'​);​
 + ​return false; ​
 +<a href="​http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​whois/"​ class="​urlextern"​ onclick="​return popper();">​Open Desktop Version</​a>​
 +[[http://​www.joeldare.com/​i/​whois/​|Open Mobile Version]]
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