Rendering Options in Art of Illusion

I wanted to do a quick study of the various rendering options in the Art of Illusion program. I wanted to establish a starting point for future renderings; a baseline for a good rendering.

For this study I'm going to render a simple image. It's a flat wall (a thin rectangle) with the default white texture. Just in front of the wall is a piece of glossy paper. I created an image mapped texture using a png of a quick reference sheet I designed and then I set the shininess to 0.75. So, the whole scene consists of two rectangles, two lights, and a camera.

First, I tried antialiasing. The first render is the default render and the second is with antialiasing set to medium. Notice, in particular, the bottom edge of the paper. It looks significantly better with antialiasing turned on.

Default Render Antialiasing Medium

Next, I turned on soft shadows. The first render has Rays to Sample set at only 1 while the second has it set to 8. The higher the number the smoother the shadowing.

Soft Shadows 1 Soft Shadows 8

I made lots of other tweaks to the rendering settings with either very minor or no differences at all in output. It seems that this simple scene may not contain enough detail to thoroughly test the different render settings.

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