Ultralight Backpacking Ideas

This is a list of idea's both of my own and collected from other sources. I'm trying to gather them in one place to help me prepare for that Ultralight Backpacking trip I may take some day.

Half Pad

Buy a foam sleeping pad and cut it in half. I probably only need the pad under my back.

Padded Pack

Roll the sleeping pad around either the inside or outside of the pack.

Waterproof Pack

Waterproof your pack by wrapping it in a tarp or plastic sheet. This same sheet can become your tent later on. Probably best for something heavy that won't tear with branches and such.

Aluminum Alcohol Stove

Make a cheap and simple pressurized stove out of the bottom of two aluminum cans. It can be made with just two pop cans, a coin, and a pocket knife. Better versions are possible by adding some JB Weld, a pin, and a drill bit.


I use a combination of ideas from edu_bkpkstove.html and pennystove. I use the easier to cut burner design from the former but use fewer holes, a fiberglass wick, a priming pan, and a penny for pressure from the latter.

Tarp Tent

Make a tent out of a tarp, a plastic sheet, or even a large poncho. Stake it down with 5 tent stakes, rocks, or tie it close to the ground. Use a pole at the front or a rope pulling up into a tree (arrow in photo below).



Make a small foam pillow with a fleece or polyester (lighter and thicker) pillow case. Then there is no need to stuff any clothes in a pillow sack, you can keep them all on.

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