Base for iPhone

Base is a very simple XCode project that allows you to plug a website into XCode and release it as a native app. It is very simple and does not have any hooks into native features.

It starts with two UIWebView's (Safari Views) that make up the complete app. If you prefer a single view, simply delete the toobar view in Interface Builder. The top view is a transparent web view that covers the title bar. Then, there's the main page view. This dual view approach allows you to load one page into the title space and another page into the body space. The result is a completely native feeling app.

Because the toolbar web view does not access the body web view, I use JavaScript localStorage to pass messages back and forth as needed. In this way, you can create links in the toolbar that cause functions to execute in the body.

Because of the way I built this project, you can edit files in the www folder on any machine. This allows me to do most of the work from my Linux machine. Once the project is ready, copy the “base” directory to a Mac, open it in XCode, and build. I actually use a shared DropBox folder for the whole process, so I don't actually copy any files manually.

Download Version 0.7

Basic Tutorial for Base

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