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 +====== Base for iPhone ======
 +{{base.png }}
 +Base is a very simple XCode project that allows you to plug a website into XCode and release it as a native app.  It is very simple and does not have any hooks into native features.
 +It starts with two UIWebView'​s (Safari Views) that make up the complete app.  If you prefer a single view, simply delete the toobar view in Interface Builder. ​ The top view is a transparent web view that covers the title bar.  Then, there'​s the main page view.  This dual view approach allows you to load one page into the title space and another page into the body space. ​ The result is a completely native feeling app.
 +Because the toolbar web view does not access the body web view, I use JavaScript localStorage to pass messages back and forth as needed. ​ In this way, you can create links in the toolbar that cause functions to execute in the body.
 +Because of the way I built this project, you can edit files in the //www// folder on any machine. ​ This allows me to do most of the work from my Linux machine. ​ Once the project is ready, copy the "​base"​ directory to a Mac, open it in XCode, and build. ​ I actually use a shared DropBox folder for the whole process, so I don't actually copy any files manually.
 +{{base_07.zip|Download Version 0.7}}
 +[[base:​Basic Tutorial]]
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