Rating Ideas

Some thoughts about what makes an idea worth developing.

  1. Does it help the community?
  2. Is it a platform usable for business?
  3. Will it make money?
  4. Is there a “side door”?
  5. Does it fill a niche?
  6. Will people use it? How do we test this?
  7. Will I use it?
  8. Is it free?
  9. Will I enjoy developing it?

How do we test if people will use it?

  1. Allow comments on ideas here
  2. Setup an email notice list
    1. Sign-ups are “votes” for an idea
  3. Allow ratings (5 star or thumbs up) on ideas
  4. Watch this page, or RSS feeds

I used the “rate this” tool to create this little rating box on my idea pages. You'll find it at http://www.addratings.com.

Rate This Idea

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