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Multiple Twitter Accounts

I'm a geek and when I post geeky comments many of my friends and followers have no idea what I'm talking about. For that, and other reasns, I'd like to create multple personalities on Twitter. One for techies like me, one for my friends, one for politics, etc.

It's hard enough to maintain a single Twitter account, much less half a dozen. But what if the form you used to tweet just had a list of accounts that the tweet would be posted under? If I had just released a new program I might check the boxes of both the personality my friends follow and the one techies follow. I probably want both groups to know about the new program.

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Post Only

Another problem I have is that I'd like to post tweets throughout the day, but I only have time to get destracted reading in the evenings. The program might automatically solve that problem by posting tweets, but not reading them. “Do one thing and do it well”, they say.

Delayed Tweets

On occassion I'll post a dozen tweets at once. My followers probably don't want to hear from me over and over again so quickly and most of my tweets are not time sensative, so I'd like to delay some of them. That could certainly be an option.


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