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 +====== Ideas ======
 +My head is swarming with ideas for new products, software programs, websites, and businesses. ​ I drive my family crazy when I blurt out interesting,​ odd or downright insane ideas from the couch, which I do regularly. ​ Here is a collection of some of those ideas. ​ Some of these are simple thoughts while others I've spent more time brainstorming and organizing. ​ I'd love your [[Contact Me|feedback]] on any of these ideas.
 +See my [[http://​ideadex.joeldare.com|ideadex]] for more ideas.
 +**[[idea:​Family Investors]]**\\
 +An idea pulled from a simple quote in the book "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis. ​ A group of families that pool their money and take turns investing in one business at a time.
 +**[[idea:​Twitter Multiple Personalities App]]**\\
 +An app that allows you to manage tweets to multiple Twitter accounts so that you can create multiple Twitter personalities and easily post relevant content to each.
 +**[[idea:​Twitter Mentions of Page]]**\\
 +A simple HTML / JavaScript app that searches twitter for any comments that link to the current page and display the mentions.
 +**[[idea:​Twitter Tech News Feed]]**\\
 +A tech news page that features tweets that link to tech websites.
 +**[[Micro Journal Web and Mobile App]]**\\
 +A quick app for writing down journal entries.
 +**[[idea:​HTML Layout Designer]]**\\
 +The layout designer lets you place rectangles on a page in order to layout divs for HTML.
 +**[[idea:​Fit Friends Facbook App]]**\\
 +A two part app that lets people log their weight loss and share their overall progress with friends.
 +**[[idea:​Mobile Mortgage Calculator]]**\\
 +A simple mortgage calculator for both home buyers and real estate agents. Built for your mobile phone so you can take it on-site.
 +**[[Tweet Saver]]**\\
 +A nickel saver type feed using Twitter.
 +**[[idea:​Atomic Clock Web App]]**\\
 +A simple clock web app that lists times in US time zones.
 +**[[idea:​Save File Bookmarklet]]**\\
 +A web service that will save any embeddable file as a bookmarklet with the file embedded in it.  Great for "​saving"​ files onto the iphone.
 +**[[idea:​Canvas CAD]]**\\
 +A web based 2D CAD drawing app written with HTML 5 using the canvas element.
 +A template for laying out ideas. ​ Right now I'm just trying to organize my ideas, but in the future I might like them to follow this standard format.
 +**[[idea:​Rating Ideas]]**\\
 +Some ideas on how to rate my ideas and decide which to move forward on.
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