Unmount All Fuse Mount Points

On my laptop, a Macbook Pro 7,1, I need to remove all the fuse mounts before I disconnect from the network. If I don't disconnect these fuse mount points before I suspend or shut down then fuse seems to lock up. I believe that is because after I put the machine to sleep it will no longer be connected to the network when I turn it back on. Here's how I do it.

The Unmount

Here's the line of commands I use to unmount all of the mount points currently mounted with fuse.

mount -l -t fuse.sshfs | awk -F " " '{print "fusermount -u " $3}' | bash

How it Works

I'll break these commands down for you so that they are a little easier to understand.

In the first part, we list everything that is currently mounted with a type of fuse.sshfs.

mount -l -t fuse.sshfs

Next, we pipe that output into awk, splitting on spaces, and printing out the fusermount command that will unmount each of them. I have another page about Using AWK on CSV Files that explains this command in a little more detail.

awk -F " " '{print "fusermount -u " $3}'

Finally, we pipe that output back into bash so that each command is executed.


Automatic on Suspend

On my system, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick, I'm using pm-utils. To execute something on suspend (sleep) I create a script in the /etc/pm/sleep.d directory. Here's the whole script.


mount -l -t fuse.sshfs | awk -F " " '{print "fusermount -u " $3}' | bash

I've called the script 05_fuse and then I ran chmod to make the file executable.

sudo chmod +x 05_fuse
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