DIY 3D Printed Stereo Knobs

These are 3D printed knobs for the stereo in my 1996 Chevrolet truck. The old knobs were breaking apart so I measured, designed, and printed new ones.

Finished Stereo Knobs

The finished stereo knobs and the original knob for comparison.

Missing and Broken Knobs

The problem; broken and missing knobs.

Measuring the Existing Knobs

First, I measured various parts from one of the existing knobs.

123D Make Screenshot

Next, I open up the free 123D Make app by Autodesk and start designing.

Here's what the finished 3D design looks like.

I ordered the 3D printing at 3D Hubs. It cost less than $10 and here are the finished knobs.

Finally, I snapped them into place on the stereo.

Because of the resolution of the 3D printer that was used, two of them fit very nicely and two are a little loose. Next time I may make the design a tiny bit smaller so that they friction fit better. This is a very small job for the type of 3D printer that was used.

You'll also notice some burnt black spots on one of the knobs. 3D printers are not perfect yet. The resolution is a little low and there are some issues with burning, but overall I like how they turned out.

This was my first attempt at 3D printing something and I got the result I was looking for.

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