Marketing Tips

This is a collection of free or nearly free marketing tips that I'm collecting. Most of these are not my own ideas, they have been gleaned from books and other sites around the web.

Update Your Email Signature

It's a simple thing and it will only take you a few seconds. Update your email signature to peddle your latest product. Your signature should be as short as possible (1 or 2 lines) and include a URL or link.

Announce your Product on Twitter and Facebook

Post your message on Twitter, Facebook, and other any other social networks you are a part of. If you aren't part of these networks, join them and start to build up friends or followers. Don't overdue the marketing here though. If all you are doing is advertising something you'll probably lose friends faster than you gain them.

Create a Facebook Note

Create a note on Facebook. Describe your product and include a link to your product page. Make that note public. Facebook pages seem to get precedence in search engines and the link may increase page rank for your own site.

Review Other Products

Review other peoples products on other sites and then plug your own products at the end of the review. Include a link, when possible. Typically there are conditions to linking. On Amazon, for example, you can currently only link to other products for sale on Amazon. Make sure that your review is useful and honest. Completely avoid defamation or slander by reviewing only products that you like.

Join Discussion Groups

Get involved in local clubs, email discussion groups, website forums, and other discussion groups. Introduce yourself to the group and your product. Setup a one or two line signature that announces your product. Become a genuine participant and add value to the group with your responses over time. As you become an expert in the group people will become interested and look at the work you're producing.


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