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 +====== The Great Outdoors ======
 +===== Ultralight Backpacking =====
 +I've recently taken an interest in Ultralight Backpacking. ​ I haven'​t actually done any backpacking yet, I'm just trying to prepare for it.  My main motivation for this is the recollection of a backpacking trip when I was a young teenager. ​ My brother hiked circles around me on the trail and then we were under prepared when it snowed on us in the high Uintah'​s in July.  We ended up cutting a two night hike short and hitchhiking back to our parents camp the next day.
 +[[Backpacking:​Ultralight Camping Ideas]]\\
 +A few ideas I've had or gathered about gear for ultralight backpacking.
 +[[Backpacking:​Ultralight Foods]]\\
 +A chart of foods and the number of calories they contain per ounce of weight.
 +===== Weber County Utah Rivers =====
 +I decided to break out Google Earth and draw a 50 mile circle around my home in Roy Utah.  The idea is that any River, Stream, Lake, Reservoir or other body of water in that area is reachable within a one hour drive. ​ Below are some KMZ files for Google Earth where I've started to put together paths along rivers in the area.
 +**{{weber_river_lower.kmz|Weber River, Lower}}**\\
 +This is a path I've drawn for the lower Weber River running from the Great Salt Lake just North West of Roy Utah to Echo Reservoir.
 +**{{:​weber_river_upper.kmz|Weber River, Upper}}**\\
 +This is a path for the upper Weber River running from Echo Reservoir to Rockport Lake.
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