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Ultralight Backpacking

I've recently taken an interest in Ultralight Backpacking. I haven't actually done any backpacking yet, I'm just trying to prepare for it. My main motivation for this is the recollection of a backpacking trip when I was a young teenager. My brother hiked circles around me on the trail and then we were under prepared when it snowed on us in the high Uintah's in July. We ended up cutting a two night hike short and hitchhiking back to our parents camp the next day.

Ultralight Backpacking Ideas
A few ideas I've had or gathered about gear for ultralight backpacking.

Ultralight Foods
A chart of foods and the number of calories they contain per ounce of weight.

Weber County Utah Rivers

I decided to break out Google Earth and draw a 50 mile circle around my home in Roy Utah. The idea is that any River, Stream, Lake, Reservoir or other body of water in that area is reachable within a one hour drive. Below are some KMZ files for Google Earth where I've started to put together paths along rivers in the area.

Weber River, Lower
This is a path I've drawn for the lower Weber River running from the Great Salt Lake just North West of Roy Utah to Echo Reservoir.

Weber River, Upper
This is a path for the upper Weber River running from Echo Reservoir to Rockport Lake.

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