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 +====== Photography,​ Art, and Digital Art ======
 +I enjoy photography,​ 3D computer graphics, pencil drawing, and painting. ​ I've enjoyed art most of my life but have not worked on as much as I'd like.
 +My writings about sketching.
 +**[[http://​instagram.com/​casual_artist|Ink & Watercolor on Instagram]]**\\
 +My ink and watercolor drawings posted on Instagram.
 +A few simple 2D CAD drawings that you might find useful.
 +Art of Illusion is a free 3D modeling and rendering program. ​ I've been experimenting with it a fair bit and these are some instructions for various things.
 +POV-Ray is a free 3D rendering program; a point at which art and programming meet.  Here are some code files and the images that they produce.
 +**[[Digital Finger Paintings]]**\\
 +A gallery of images I've painted using my finger on a digital device.
 +I've recently started to work on digital video. ​ Here are some tools for working with video.
 +**[[http://​www.pbase.com/​joeldare/​goal|Goal Favorites from my S1 IS]]** (PBase Deleted This Gallery)\\
 +I have a goal to shoot 1,000 pictures with my Canon S1 IS. The images in this gallery are my favorites so far.
 +**[[Goal Ideas]]**\\
 +These are not goals yet, just simple ideas of topics I might turn into goals one day.
 +**[[http://​www.joeldare.com/​wiki/​_media/​mobile.xcf|Mobile Screen Shot (XCF)]]**\\
 +A layered XCF image for mobile screen shots. ​ Screen shot goes into an iPhone with side shots of the T-Mobile My Touch, LG Dare, and Palm Pre.
 +**[[Sharpie Drawings]]**\\
 +My process for converting photos into silhouettes and then hand coloring them with Sharpie Markers.
 +**[[Low Color]]**\\
 +Some digital images that were manipulated from other images and then converted to just a few colors.
 +**[[http://​www.pbase.com/​joeldare/​vivicam|Vivicam 3350 Examples]]** (Deleted Gallery)\\
 +A gallery of photographs taken with a Vivitar Vivicam 3350. This camera costs less than $20 and the photo'​s it produced are still some of my favorites.
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