Photography, Art, and Digital Art

I enjoy photography, 3D computer graphics, pencil drawing, and painting. I've enjoyed art most of my life but have not worked on as much as I'd like.
My writings about sketching.

Ink & Watercolor on Instagram
My ink and watercolor drawings posted on Instagram.

A few simple 2D CAD drawings that you might find useful.

Art of Illusion
Art of Illusion is a free 3D modeling and rendering program. I've been experimenting with it a fair bit and these are some instructions for various things.

POV-Ray Ray Tracing
POV-Ray is a free 3D rendering program; a point at which art and programming meet. Here are some code files and the images that they produce.

Digital Finger Paintings
A gallery of images I've painted using my finger on a digital device.

Digital Video
I've recently started to work on digital video. Here are some tools for working with video.

Goal Favorites from my S1 IS (PBase Deleted This Gallery)
I have a goal to shoot 1,000 pictures with my Canon S1 IS. The images in this gallery are my favorites so far.

Photo Goal Thoughts
These are not goals yet, just simple ideas of topics I might turn into goals one day.

Mobile Screen Shot (XCF)
A layered XCF image for mobile screen shots. Screen shot goes into an iPhone with side shots of the T-Mobile My Touch, LG Dare, and Palm Pre.

Sharpie Silhouette Drawings
My process for converting photos into silhouettes and then hand coloring them with Sharpie Markers.

Low Color Digital Art
Some digital images that were manipulated from other images and then converted to just a few colors.

Vivicam 3350 Examples (Deleted Gallery)
A gallery of photographs taken with a Vivitar Vivicam 3350. This camera costs less than $20 and the photo's it produced are still some of my favorites.

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